Mini-Pacific SouthWest Conference (PSWC)

By Ben Baker

On Sunday, 11/15/15, four student chapters met for a casual, low-key day of concrete canoe races and general ASCE fun. UCLA, USC, Cal State Long Beach, and Cal Poly Pomona met at Mother’s Beach, Long Beach, around the corner from where the 2016 Pacific Southwest Regional Conference will be held.

The morning began with concrete canoe races. There were sandwiches and chips for lunch. Students engaged in beach volleyball and ultimate Frisbee.

The event was self-organized by the students, but LA YMF showed up to show our support. We organized an impromptu event that was revealed in the afternoon when the students who wanted to participate had assembled.  The challenge was to build the tallest tower possible out of straws and Scotch tape in the sand on a windy day in fifteen minutes that could hold an egg. Many of the straw buildings showed ingenuity and creativity, but only a few rose waist-high. A team from UCLA ended up with the tallest tower.

All in all, the day was good preparation for the real conference coming up next year that will be hosted by Cal State Long Beach.