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About the Event

Our Annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition is a FREE event run in conjunction with the Orange County Younger Member Forum and San Bernardino/Riverside Younger Member Forum that brings together hundreds of local High School students to participate in a full-day event to celebrate the engineering profession.  The competition is a great opportunity to emphasize the benefits of pursuing a higher education while exposing our local high school students to a college campus and promoting the engineering profession to our community.

The activities covered in our competition typically include display boards, technical reports, student presentations, campus tours, impromptu events, and the testing of students' popsicle stick bridges.

The event continues to grow each year. Our event was recognized with the 2010 Los Angeles Council of Engineers and Scientists' Harry Staubs Memorial Award for Community Service, and the event has been previously featured in the LA Times, Channel 4 NBC, Channel 35, and local university media.

Our website is a central point of information. We encourage students and teachers to check it often and to join our mailing list. Keep us in mind; you don't want to be left out!

This year we will be hosting the Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition at California State University, Northridge and it is scheduled for Saturday, February 15, 2014. 


11/18/13 - Registration form to enter the Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition is now available. See link below.

12/9/13 - Rules for 2013 uploaded

12/19/2013 - Draft rules for 2014 uploaded

12/20/13 – Deadline extended to January 17, 2014. Number of teams per school allowed to register has been increased from two to four teams. Revised 2014 PSBC flyer uploaded in the Link section below.

1/20/14 - PSBC registration is now closed. Thank you to those that registered. FAQ to the Competition Rules Handbook to be posted soon.

1/23/14 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to the 2014 Competition Rules Handbook posted in the Link section below.

2/10/14 - Final 2014 Competition Rules Handbook uploaded

2/11/14 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to the 2014 Competition Rules Handbook updated.

2/12/14 - 2014 PSBC Competition Day Information uploaded in the Link section below.


pdf2014 Competition Rules Handbook (FINAL Rev. 02/13/14)

pdf2014 PSBC Competition Day Information (Updated 02/12/14)

FAQ to 2014 Competition Rules Handbook (Updated 02/11/14)

*Note: Please submit any questions to the Competition Rules Handbook to .

pdf2013 Competition Rules Handbook

Popsicle Stick Bridge Contest Photos 2013

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This event is made possible by the support of corporate sponsors. Please contact us if your company is interested in sponsoring the 20th Annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition or if you can help with any company handouts to our attendees.

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